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Flag:       Morocco <Flaggensymbol> Port of Reg: Casablanca Callsign: CNA3664
Owner:    Cie. Marocaine de Nav. COMNAV
Operator: Cie. Marocaine de Nav. COMNAV

Type:        Roll-on Roll-off Built: 19 IMO-No.: 8917883
Shipyard:     Fosen Mek. Verksteder AS (Rissa) <Flaggensymbol> Hull-No.: 49
  Launch: .12.91   Delivery: .04.93
Hull built at: Brodogradiliste "Sava" (Mitrovica Macv.) <Flaggensymbol> Hull-No.: 310

GT 6.809 NT 2.042 Carrying capacity (tdw): 5.387
Length overall (m): 122,00   Breadth (m): 19,00   Depth (m): 6,10

Capacities: 12.014 cbm 296 TEU 1 320 m S. .   

Propulsion: 1 Diesel engine 'Wärtsilä-Vasa' 16 Zylinder ( 16V32D )
Power:       8.050 HP   Screws: 1   Speed: 15,0 Knot

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